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You have landed at the sustainable solution to your returns problem. Explore pricing that works for you.

LiquiDonate's Magic Matches plans are built for retailers who are ready to join the circular economy and send returns to nonprofits in exchange for operational cost savings, tax-donation receipts, and feeling good about giving back to their community.

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Key Features

No Hidden Fees

What you see here, is what you pay.

Unlimited Destinations

You can ship your returns to any number of destinations!

Negotiated Shipping Rates

Get low shipping rates from our 3PL partners.

shopping bags
shopping bags

Donation Receipts

Download donation receipts signed by nonprofits from the dashboard.

Responsive Support Team

Core plan and above includes support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Impact Reports

Get customized reports for story telling your brand's social impact.

Discounts on Other Services

Receive 10% discount on other services including large donations via the Self Serve tool, and conference donations.


What are Magic Matches?

Otherwise known as 'returns that will be donated to a nonprofit'. Our AI-powered technology identifies a nonprofit with an explicit need for each returned item.

What is included in my subscription plan?

Unlike many of our competitors, all tiers include every product feature. We don't think your return volume should determine if you get access to all featuers or not. The only difference between tiers is the number of Magic Matches (donations) included and the overage fees.

Do I have to donate all of my returns?

Nope! We will help you create workflows that let you decide when a return should be matched with a nonprofit and donated, and when it should be sent back to the distribution center.

What if I'm not sure which tier makes the most sense for my business?

Our customer success team will be happy to help you choose a plan that works for you, based on different factors like your monthly return volume.

Can I donate returns that have accumulated in my warehouse in addition to Magic Matches?

You sure can! We offer discounted prices on our Self Serve donations if you are subscribed to any of the tiers above.

What happens if I exceed the allowed number of Magic Matches for my plan?

For each tier, there's an overage fee. But if your overage costs exceed the price of the next tier, we'll automatically upgrade you to save money. Your customer success manager will promptly contact you if we observe significant changes in your usage, ensuring you're always on the best plan.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime and your plan will terminate at the end of the month. There are no cancellation fees, as we strongly believe that you will love our product!

Still have questions?

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