Inventory Overflow Issues?

LiquiDonate's Self Serve tool makes it easy to liquidate your excess inventory quickly and sustainably. Donate any inventory with the Self Serve tool.

This is the easiest to use donation platform I have ever seen!



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Key Features

Donate Your Way

Efficient warehouse-to-nonprofit tranfers are our prioirty. Choose how your want to donate - in pallets, boxes, or individually.

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Donate Any Quantity

Whether you need to move one item or 10,000 pallets, Self Serve tool makes it easy to upload them to the Nonprofit marketplace.

Donate Hassle-free

Our logistics team handles the entire donation process, including providing tax-deductible donation receipts.

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Clear Space, Save Time, and Save Money with LiquiDonate

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Benefits of Using the Self Serve Tool

Time Efficiency

Time Efficiency

Save time in your retail liquidation efforts, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Cost-Effective Liquidation

Cost-Effective Liquidation

Cost-effect and environmentally friendly alternative to storing products indefinitely, or sending them to the landfill.

Meet ESG Goals

Meet ESG Goals

Receive impact reports and data needed to ensure your liquidations are contributing toward your company's goals.

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See how Magic Matches and the Self Serve tool can easily transform your excess inventory into social impact.