Tired of High Returns Costs?

LiquiDonate is the first returns platform with sustainability built in. You can donate your customer returns directly to nonprofits, or upcycle or resell them.

  • 50% or more savings on reverse logistics costs
  • Automated return workflows
  • Quality assurance checks
  • Returns matched with nonprofits & upcyclers

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Key Features

Returns transformed to Magic Matches

Magic Matches is our propriety software that uses AI to send a customer's return directly to a nonprofit with a matching need.

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Shopify App

Initiate your LiquiDonate integration within minutes, effortlessly connecting it with your Shopify store.

Automated Workflow

Reduce fraud with customized workflows, and automate return decisions with outcomes that donate, return to warehouse, or let customers keep the items.

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Direct-to-Nonprofit Donations

Reduce shipping costs and unlock potential tax savings by directing returns to nonprofits, fostering a transparent and direct giving process.

Adopt the first sustainable returns platform

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How Magic Matches Work

Customer Requests Return

Customer Requests Return

Customers start the return process for items purchased from your store.

Instant Matching

Instant Matching

LiquiDonate's AI powered Matching Algorithm finds the best nonprofit from a network of 3,500+ partners to donate the items.

Direct Shipment

Direct Shipment

Customers receive a shipping label to send returns directly to nonprofits, cutting your operating costs and simplifying logistics.

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See how Magic Matches and the Self Serve tool can easily transform your excess inventory into social impact.